Programa III Congreso Internacional Fisioterapia y Dolor - Sociedad Española de Fisioterapia y Dolor

[table caption=»Programa provisional del III Congreso Internacional de Fisioterapia y Dolor» width=»1100″ colwidth=»20|175|325|60|20|175|325″ colalign=»left|left|left|left|left|left|left»]
,Viernes 17, , , ,Sábado 18, ,
08:00, Entrega de documentación, , , , ,
08:30, Presentación del Congreso, , , , ,
Mesa, Neurociencia y Dolor, , ,Mesa,Dolor y aproximaciones terapéuticas ,
09:15, Katja Wiech, What you get is what you expect: The neural basis of pain modulation through expectations, ,09:15,Rafael Torres,Chronic pain – central sensitization -dysfunctional pain and so on… «What are we talking about?»
10:00,Vania Apkarian, Brain reorganization with chronic pain, ,10:00,Jo Nijs, Treatment of central sensitization pain: targeting bottom-up or top-down mechanisms
11:00, Pausa Café, , ,10:45, Pausa Café,
11:30,Katja Wiech, Just pretty pictures? How we could use evidence from neuroimaging studies in the prevention and treatment of pain, ,11:15,Jeroen de Jong, Pain-related fear in chronic pain: The application of Graded Exposure in Vivo
12:30, Vania Apkarian, Brain predictors of pain chronification , ,12:00,Neill O´Connell, Effectiveness in chronic pain: Peeking under the evidence bonnet
13:30, Debate, , ,12:45, Martin Hey, Physiotherapy pain management in the UK – One size does not fit all.
14:00, Almuerzo, , ,13:30,Debate,
Mesa, Dolor y nuevos paradigmas, , ,14:00, Almuerzo,
15:30,Jordi Serra, The neurobiological basis of spontaneuous pain in animals and humans, ,Mesa, Dolor y aproximaciones terapéuticas,
16:15, Elisa Carlino, Placebo effect: fron neurobiology to clinical practice, ,15:30, Elena Estébanez, Analgesic effects of translatory motion degrees in patients with hip osteoarthritis with mild to moderate pain
17:00, Pausa Café, , ,16:00, Victor Domenech, Models to detect central sensitization
17:30, Eduardo Fondevila, The mereological fallacy in neuroscience: is a brain perception?, ,16:30, Josué Fernández, Neurophysiological and clinical effects of physiotherapy on chronic and acute non-specific neck pain
18:00, Mark D. Bishop, Engaging the brain for better outcomes , ,17:00,Pausa Café,
18:30, Debate, , ,17:30,Comunicaciones orales,

,,,,18:30,Finalización del Congreso,


* Programa provisional, sujeto a modificaciones